Let’s buy the cheapest beer

from the local supermarket

and lie on the sidewalk

hydrating our snakes.

Let’s giggle in conspiracy

against the hectic city.

We all seek for someone

to share the guilt with.

Let’s make fun of those

running to a dead end

and share our condolences

with the children yet unborn.

Let’s vainly talk about the crisis

and redefine our dreams.

Pain is undoubtedly halved

when compared to others’.

Let’s curl upon each other

in front of other people

and remind ourselves to live

before we really die.

Let’s find new ways

to entertain our regression.

We tend to sleep more

as we grow younger.

Let’s praise our homeland

since that’s all we ‘re left with

and carefully plan

our vacation in heaven.

Let’s both agree that paradise

was never found to be lost.

Blasphemy sounds better

without any need.





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