February 28, 2017

I don’t speak much lately, I

now know how to listen.

Tell me who bothered you today

what has broken your heart.

Tell me about the hue of

your mischievous dreams

the reason why you are

talking only in your sleep.

Why are you seeking for

this space of your own in

this city that broke our legs

today and the day before.

Why are you waiting for sleep to

make you feel safe, why

are you so scared of the sun

the greatest monitor of all.

I’ll step aside, I’ll

grin politely, I’ll

give you all the space

you ‘ve never got before.

I accept your imperfections.

Because I’ve accepted my own

I’m not a healer, I

try to heal myself, I

chose silence as my friend.

Dressed in a white tunic,

she’ll drive me to the end

Silence is a virtue,

my only loyal friend.

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