September 11, 2017

A girl once saw the void


I can tell you lots of stories which

I don’t think you “ll believe

but I’m about to tell you one

which is not for the naive.

This is a story of a common girl

who fell in love with the void

and from the righteous side of life

she chose not to be decoyed.

It was a rainy day in town

she was wearing her blue boots

and decided to take a shortcut

from her job into the woods.

Watching the leaves being heavy

from the fresh autumn rain

she took a deep breath of nature

and suddenly felt terribly in pain.

A pain so harsh directly in her stomach

she couldn’t even breathe

and as she was falling down in mud

she knew she couldn’t leave.

She was crying in the rain

all alone and afraid

when she saw a silver hand

from the sky to her aid.

She also saw a strange figure

she thought she ‘d lost her mind

how could a faceless creature

be truthfully so kind?

“This must be an angel”

she thought and gave her hand

miracles never happen though

in such a dreary land.

The moment she grabbed the hand

there was nothing for her to feel

the pain disappeared!

This just cannot be real.

“Who are you sweet stranger?”

“Where are you coming from?”

No answer was given though

at least in human form.

She touched her stomach

where the pain used to be,

something was flying inside

like a bird or a bee.

With no other means to say thank you

she tried to reach the faceless thing

mesmerized by the feeling

that this encounter would bring.

When she tried to touch it though

she found herself in shock!

For there was nothing there

it was all a mock!

“But this thing has helped me!”

she shouted in despair.

“I feel something different

lurking in the air.”

“Please show yourself!

You have saved my life.

If you were a real hero

I would be your wife!”

The faceless creature vanished

but the sun didn’t shine.

She felt a creepy feeling

running up her spine.

The landscape changed

the sky turned white

no trees, no mud now

just a pale light.

Nothing could she see

not even hear a thing

she felt like being trapped

within her own dream.

“What is happening?

Can you help me, please?”

But there was no one to hear her

no exit door, no keys.

Suddenly a hand appeared  from nowhere

it was the same as before

she desperately tried to reach it

but still, there was no core!

“Did I create this place?

Am I going mad?”

The only thing she knew

she wasn’t feeling sad.

In fact, she felt beautiful

surrounded by the void

there was nothing to be afraid of

nothing to avoid!

She had never been so happy

she thought that she would cry

but there were no tears

her face was still dry.

She tried to hurt herself

she squeezed her own arm

but vainly again!

She felt anything but harm!

“This must be paradise,

that was an angel indeed!”

She now wanted nothing,

for her there was no need.

No enemies, no thieves

no stress about tomorrow.

She couldn’t think of anything

that could bring her sorrow.

And this is how she lived

or better say, existed.

A different ending to a story

although a bit twisted.

Actually, there is no ending

this is not a common fairytale

a girl once saw the void

and that was her tale.

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