I don’t speak much lately, I now know how to listen. Tell me who bothered you today what has broken your heart. Tell me about the hue of your mischievous dreams the reason why you are talking only in your sleep. Why are you seeking for this space of your own in this city that broke our legs […]

This city like every other city is built upon the corpses of millions of people who happened to die here. This house like every other house is built upon the memories of thousands of people who happened to live here. This room like every other room in every other house of every other city will […]

The day is shorter. Let it rest upon your pillow. The night is strong. I know that you had the same nightmare again. I could tell by the look of your lips in the morning. What are you most afraid of? We haven’t seen anything yet. Watching the stars above drinking hot milk with honey lying […]

Hey, can you give me a hand? Can you give me a kiss? I don’t remember the path thus every sign I miss.   Hey, can you tell me the time when we ‘re going to die my thoughts seem to rhyme and I’m turning shy.   Hey, I ‘ve been having the dreams I ‘ve been […]

There’s a full moon coming up tomorrow and I was sick to my stomach for days, I guess it’s 18:57. The cat is going crazy too.   The longest day of the year I felt a bit cold, there’s too much light I’m afraid. Each time from a different orange.  

Their last kiss. Their ephemeral bliss. Their sinful sex. Their killer ex. Their setting sun. Their short lifespan. Their agonised breath. Their, and our, death.

There are hidden words behind your speech. Blurred images inside your mind. What are you trying to say? Is it what you are missing? I’m confined in disgust when you avoid yourself. Above your head there are ceilings a billion floors before we reach the sky. Underneath my skin resides sadness a billion cells before […]

Let’s buy the cheapest beer from the local supermarket and lie on the sidewalk hydrating our snakes. Let’s giggle in conspiracy against the hectic city. We all seek for someone to share the guilt with. Let’s make fun of those running to a dead end and share our condolences with the children yet unborn. Let’s vainly […]

Day walks in the nearest park. Evening cocktails in reclusive places. High in fat lucullan feasts or excessive comford food consumption. Definately not a day to break someone’s heart. Not a day at all to remember yourself. On Sundays we shrink. On Sundays we slop. We laugh at the world in complete apathy. We die […]

  Cook me. Throw me in the pot with carrots. Immerse me in your spices. Eat me. Crush my bones with your metal jaws. Taste my toxic flesh. I am aware of the fact that you ‘ll never get enough. We are being born to find out how to die. We fertilize the soil. We lubricate […]